Commercial property syndicates

CorVal is a specialist Sydney based property fund manager and investor whose executives and shareholders have a long and deep history in the Australian property industry.

CorVal’s objective is to provide investors with access to Australian real estate opportunities that deliver strong risk-adjusted returns, by investing in simple investment vehicles that offer complete transparency, an absolute focus on performance and a strong alignment of interests.

‘a property specialist offering high IRR real estate opportunities with long WALEs, superior lease terms, A grade tenants and high cash yields, managed by one of Australia’s most experienced real estate teams’

Asset Class
  • Syndicated property = bespoke
Key Personnel
  • Rob Rayner – Armstrong Jones, Brookfield Multiplex
  • Ian O’Toole – ING Realestate, Brookfield Multiplex
  • RF Capital – Major Family Office
  • Management team
Investment Universe
  • Unlisted commercial property with high rates of return, backed by strong tenants with favourable leasing terms
  • IRR is different for each deal
  • Generate returns from income, property improvement and eventual sale
Portfolio Fit
  • Property
Portfolio Advantages
  • Alignment of interests between the Owners and investors
  • High rates of return
  • Professional management of each property
  • High hurdle rate
  • Patient
  • Active
  • Deal flow
  • Investors looking for bespoke commercial and office properties with professional management
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