Monash Investors

Long short Australian shares – Absolute Return variable beta

Founded in 2012, Sydney based Monash Investors (“Monash”) is an Absolute Return Australian Equity specialist that was established by Simon Shields, the ex head of UBS’s high performing Australian Equity Fund and Shane Fitzgerald, one of the markets most highly rated ‘sell side’ analysts from JP Morgan.

‘a way to access Australian shares but with materially lower volatility, more consistent returns and lower drawdown risk than investing in benchmark aware funds or in an equity related ETF’

Asset Class
  • Long Short Australian Equities
  • Style and size agnostic, benchmark unaware, fundamental stock picking
Key Personnel
  • Simon Shields – ex Head of Equities for UBS and CFS
  • Shane Fitzgerald – Highly rated analyst and PM with UBS and JP Morgan Securities
  • UBS Wealth
  • Allan Moss
  • Majority owned by the management team
Investment Universe
  • All listed Australian and NZ securities
  • Pre IPO
  • Cash
  • Futures
  • RBA Cash Rate
  • 12-15% p.a. after fees over a full investment cycle
  • No loss of capital in any financial year
Portfolio Fit
  • Complement direct shares and long only positions
  • For the growth component where lower volatility is important
Portfolio Advantages
  • Flexible mandate captures more opportunities
  • Pre-IPO and under researched stocks
  • Lower risk than long only that suits objective based portfolios
  • The bar is set very high for investments to make the portfolio
  • Investment philosophy shaped over 50 years of combined investment experience on market behaviour and the opportunities that are often missed
  • Investors looking for access to growth investment but with materially lower volatility and drawdown risk
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