Smarter Money Investments

Low risk cash and credit solution

The investment manager is Smarter Money Investments Pty Limited ACN 153 555 867. Smarter Money Investments was established in 2011 to develop and deliver safe and cost-effective savings solutions for individuals and institutions that outperform traditional cash products through active management.

‘a treasury solution for small business and SMSFs that is superior to individual term deposits and cash at bank, with T+3 liquidity’

Asset Class
  • Australian Cash and Australian Credit
  • Top down, bottom up
Key Personnel
  • Chris Joye – prominent Australian economist and contributing editor to the AFR
  • Darren Harvey – ex 2IC for Deutsche Bank global proprietary fixed income team
  • AMB Capital (Major Family Office)
  • Majority owned by the management team
Investment Universe
  • Bank Bills, Term Deposits, Floating Rate Notes and Hybrids
  • RBA Cash Rate
Portfolio Fit
  • For diversified cash and credit for income and capital preservation
Portfolio Advantages
  • No duration risk
  • Active management
  • Restrictive mandate offering more conservative profile
  • Macro overlay with fundamental fixed income research
  • Investors looking for an all in one cash and/or credit solution that is not subject to duration risk and who prefer a more active approach versus buy and hold
  • Conservative investors who are worried about capital preservation
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