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Best of breed global equities manager meets world-class distribution partner – 21 February 2013

“The time is right to formally introduce the best global equities manager in Australia that only a privileged few have heard of,” said Winston partner Andrew Fairweather.

“Until now, Peters MacGregor Capital Management has been happy to fly beneath the radar, focusing on delivering long-term, market-leading investment performance for a select group of investors.

“Winston is pleased to have been selected by Peters MacGregor to broaden its reach with financial advisers and direct clients seeking the diversification and performance benefits of a firm of its calibre,” he said.

Mr Fairweather said advisers have begun looking with greater scrutiny for specific asset management characteristics to complement existing portfolio construction.

“For example, Peters MacGregor might sit in the same broad “global equity” asset class as other managers. However, it is the underlying investment style, value driven approach and diversification benefits which make it a natural fit alongside other big brand investment managers,” he said.

The Peters MacGregor Global Fund (the Fund) has performed with distinction in a highly selective market segment. Independent financial advisory firms Centric Wealth and Western Pacific have included the Fund in their client model portfolios, while direct investors have taken up the discrete IMA (individually managed account) option, priced with a minimum investment value of $2 million.

“The Peters MacGregor 13 year track record is solid proof of quality. The exciting part of this story is the ability to add a high conviction, value-based global equity investment manager at a time of significant opportunity outside the relative constraints of Australia’s banking-and-mining-heavy listed companies,” Mr Fairweather said.

Peters MacGregor founder Wayne Peters says he is confident in the choice of Winston Capital Partners to help take the story to a broader market and deliver on the firm’s ambitious growth plans.

“The Fund will have almost automatic appeal for advisers and their clients who seek an alternative, concentrated approach with the attendant diversification benefits of a global equities fund.

“Our job is to preserve investor capital, create wealth and provide a challenging and stable environment for our committed investment team to exercise its passion for value investing,” he said.

Winston Capital Partner Contact Details

Stephen Robertson
Founding Partner
+61 418 387 427

Andrew Fairweather
Founding Partner
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About Winston Capital Partners (Winston)

Winston is a leading provider of funds management services and third party distribution expertise. Winston exists to help funds managers improve distribution, marketing, and strategic performance. It seeks best in class active fund managers from across the globe and represents them to Australian investors. Services include funds creation, third party distribution, capital raising and advisory.


About Peters MacGregor Capital Management

Founded in 1999, Peters MacGregor is a Sydney based boutique investment manager that specializes in building concentrated, and benchmark unaware, global equity portfolios, employing a deep value and capital preservation philosophy.