Examples of our work

Winston Capital Partners has assisted some of the world’s largest and most respected fund managers solve complex strategic problems in relation to distribution and marketing, whilst also assisting them raise assets under management. Below are some examples of our past work.

Reference details are available on request.

Industry Funds Management – Advisory Relationship

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IFM is Australia’s largest investor providing asset management services for the largest industry funds in Australia.

Winston was engaged to provide a range of options to assist their clients engage with members who were considering leaving to set up an Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). To deliver on this, we provided an in-depth analysis about key trends in asset class investing, a synopsis of the behavioural issues around why people set up SMSFs, and provided a number of strategic options for IFM to consider with their clients to retain these large account balance clients.

AllianceBernstein Australia – Advisory and Fund Raising Relationship

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AllianceBernstein (AB) had previously partnered with one of Australia largest wealth managers in AXA Australian (now AMP Limited), to access the retail market. AB had a strong business in the institutional market and wanted to expand into retail through the IFA market.

Winston was engaged to conduct a full review of AB’s global product range, analyse the gaps in the Australian market where competition was low and growth rates high, and make recommendations in terms of what products to launch and the market engagement strategy to ensure sales success. We were also charged with raising $50m in seed capital for one of the funds we launched: The Global Dynamic Bond Fund.

Winston was successful in helping AB launch two fixed income products suitable for Australian investors including a feeder into a Luxemburg fund, obtaining access to Australia leading researchers through an offshore research roundtable to build brand, organised countless functions with key AB PMs, assisted with the fund rating process from leading research houses and assisted in getting the funds listed on a number of key wrap platforms. Importantly, we helped raise over $60m in the new fund that enabled it to be launched through an innovative fund raising program.

At the completion of this assignment, we successfully transitioned the role of marketing and sales back to AB to manage as part of the original brief.

Select Investment Partners – Third Party Distribution Relationship

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Select engaged Winston Capital to raise funds for its unique Customised Portfolio Service from IFAs in the Australian market. During our engagement, the market dynamic change substantially making the selling of this service very difficult, including the rise of managed account platforms that enabled IFAs to become investment managers with very low cost consultants, a preference for direct investing, which Select did not offer as part of their service, and increased market consolidation that shrunk the market opportunity set substantially.

During our engagement, Winston pitched the service to over 100 highly targeted and very valuable IFA groups with over $15bn in pipeline opportunities.

Lingohr & Partner – Pitch Service

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German based, Lingohr and Partner engaged Winston Capital to assist them improve their investment pitch for both their unconstrained and global equity mandates. To assist, we assembled a room of CIOs, researchers, media exports and communication specialist to provide critical feedback on what they could do better, as well as providing formal feedback to redo their PowerPoint deck. At the completion of this service, Winston provided a new structure for the firm to consider with their pitches, provided advice on how each member of the team should interact in any engagement and assisted with pulling out key messages that the audience would find more engaging.

Smarter Money Investments – Third Party Distribution

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Winston has engaged to build Smarter Money Investments (SMI) funds under management in the IFA channel. As part of our approach, we have developed and marketed their capability to a range of family offices, IFAs and small institutions, successfully raising funds under management. We have also assisted them to recruit and then appoint their own business development manager, created an innovative and invitation only IFA club mentored by Mark Bouris, had Chris Joye, the co-founder, added to the leading Portfolio Construction forum in Australia as a key faculty member, organised an IFA ‘speed date’ concept attended by some of Australia leadings IFAs, assisted in getting the fund listed on Netwealth and BT Wrap, launched their first ever series of adviser teleconferences and assisted the group with the way in which they pitch their proposition.

Peters MacGregor Investment management – Third Party Distribution

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Winston has been engaged by Peters MacGregor (PM) to grow their funds under advice from the IFA and family office market. As part of our approach, we redeveloped the product set, changed the mandate, replaced all fund service providers, assisted in the appointment of a new COO, had the fund listed on the ASX mFund exchange, have set up an Advisory Board, created a FIAT lunch to showcase the capability with key investor groups, organised an Atchison rating, re-wrote all of their key funds marketing documentation, organised an IFA ‘speed date’ concept attended by some of Australia leadings IFAs, assisted in the restructure of their website, created new welcome videos, worked with the press to feature PM in various channels, assisted in the repositioning of the firms marketing value proposition by working with the Pure Agency, created an educational stock picking forum that was delivered to 73 of Australia’s leading researchers via the PortfolioConstruction Academy program, executed a strategy to have their global equity SMA listed as an option on Australia’s leading managed account platform, had the fund listed on Netwealth, Linear and BT Wrap, organised a new webinar series in conjunction with BRR, and have grown their footprint with a small number of high quality advisers that should see funds under management grow by at least 50% over the next two years.

Morphic Asset Management- Third Party Distribution

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Winston was appointed by Morphic Asset Management (MAM) to grow their funds under advice from the IFA and family office market. As part of our approach, we assisted in repositioning the way the firm told their investment proposition through the Winston Pitch Service, conducted over 400 targeted face to face activities with key channel partners, organised multiple wrap listing, APL listings and managed the research rating process.

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