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Epsilon Direct Lending

An Australian based non-bank lender and private markets investment manager specialising in providing bespoke financing to high quality, credit-worthy Australian middle market companies


Epsilon aim to provide flexible and creative financing solutions to middle market companies, while delivering attractive, stable returns for investors, in all cases operating with the highest levels of integrity, reliability, and transparency.


Epsilon are a highly experienced Investment Team with a proven track record and deep technical expertise.  The Founding Partners have collectively originated, structured, privately negotiated and managed billions of dollars of corporate financings over their careers.


Epsilon’s aim is to provide borrowers with bespoke corporate financing whereby structure, terms and conditions are tailored to the unique risks and circumstances of the transaction and priced accordingly. The Epsilon team specialise in working with borrowers to provide growth and event-driven corporate financing to support acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, growth, liquidity and refinancing situations.


Epsilon Direct Lending is a private market investment manager established to provide institutional and wholesale investors with direct access to hard-to-replicate, privately negotiated financings to high quality, credit-worthy middle market Australian and New Zealand companies.

Epsilon investment products are focused on providing investors with attractive, predictable and recurring income, capital preservation, low volatility and low correlation to other asset classes.



MEDIA RELEASE | Winston partners with Epsilon Direct Lending for Private Market Debt Fund


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