Wayne Peters

It’s been quite the journey this past two and a half years. Andrew, Stephen and Rory’s energy and initiatives have really shaken us up, toughened us up and placed us on a very prospective road filled with opportunity. This industry is extremely fickle with enormous survivorship bias, but when I look back, the disciplined process brought to PMCM by Winston, has been outstanding! Your recommendation of an advisory board and introduction to John and Paul alone, has been extremely important.
Thank you guys. We wish you the best with your own ongoing development of Winston Capital and of course, look forward to remaining in touch.

Ross Kent

We engaged Winston Capital Partners (WCP) to assist us plan and initiate our entry into the financial intermediary channel in Australia.

Prior to our engagement with WCP, we had only indirect experience of the channel through our sub-advisory partnership; first with AXA and subsequently AMP Capital.  Our objective was three-fold:

  • to verify the relevance and strength of our value proposition to the channel;
  • to isolate the product solutions that would both complement our existing range and address the most pressing client needs; and
  • to engage and secure seed investors

Our partnership with WCP ensured a focused engagement with the market in the critical initial phase.  Commitments from seed investors were secured quickly. Most importantly, the WCP ensured enduring value was created through the knowledge transfer to our internal team and prospective client introductions.

Peter Leggett

In business, having trusted relationships is a critical part of building and expanding your company. For more than 20 years Stephen Robertson has been that to me both on a business front as well as personally.

He has assisted enormously in developing my business strategy, advising what the financial world looks like, and the trends that are emerging globally that we need to be aware of and take action on.

His network and communication skills are exceptional and his business to business service outstanding.

I would thoroughly recommend Stephen and Winston Capital Partners to everyone who is looking for a business partner in this ever expanding specialist Funds Management world.

You will not be disappointed!

Ian Heraud

Over a career of more than 30 years in financial services, I found that the most important first step in deciding if I would do business with an organisation was whether I trusted its principal people.  This tenet served me well and helped avoid quite a number  of potential pitfalls.  I have known Stephen Robertson for over 20 years and Andrew Fairweather almost as long and have always found them both to deserve the highest level of trust.

Charles L. Hennan

“I credit Andrew Fairweather with great vision in our work together. Andrew, acting on behalf of MMC Contrarian, spotted a good fit, both strategically and culturally, and was willing to throw his weight behind the idea. He was very effective in setting up the structure for the business and developing our marketing message. Andrew’s knowledge, belief and input at the time were key to initiating this venture and starting us on the right path.”

Ray Kellerman

“I have known Andrew Fairweather, principal at Winston Capital Partners, in a business capacity for many years and found him to be a person of the highest integrity, with very strong leadership skills and terrific insight into all matters involving distribution and marketing of financial products. He is a very creative person with the knowledge and experience to understand issues and the innovation to identify solutions. Andrew’s capabilities and market knowledge have been obtained in many roles including as a managing director, chief executive officer, marketing director and senior development manager.”